Can a joinery workshop resemble an operating theatre, and if yes, why?

Eham has a brand-new work area for lacquering surfaces. The space measures approx. 280 m2 and, in purely visual terms, looks more like something you would find in a hospital. White, smooth surfaces as far as the eye can see. The reason behind this entire operation is easily explained, however: our concern is the environment. What we have created here in collaboration with the company Scheuch is a highly energy-efficient production facility. Waste heat is avoided and heat recovery guaranteed, with full LED lighting. This considerably reduces power consumption and heating requirements. Alongside these improvements towards more sustainable production, this upgrade also improves the quality of our Eham surfaces. The optimised extraction process ensures that the surface-lacquering area remains free of dust particles.

We thank the company Scheuch for the successful collaboration. And we will continue on this path towards a more mindful use of our natural resources.

February 2018