Passed! We congratulate our four new journeymen and journeywomen.

Following their completion, the new journeyman pieces are now adorning our workshop. After completing their work, the freshly qualified journeymen and journeywomen all help out to present the pieces to camera, as is traditional.

For Johannes, Justina, Moritz and Paul, this marks the end of a chapter – after three years of apprenticeship, one of which was a vocational foundation year while the other two involved hands-on training in the joinery workshop.

With their journeyman pieces, they have therefore completed their careers as apprentices. We thank Klaus, our master craftsman, who provided such active support to his charges. And we of course also congratulate the four new journeymen and journeywomen on qualifying.

And what comes next? We are extremely pleased that Johannes will remain part of the Eham team and master new challenges with us. Moritz and Justina are off to study interior architecture at Rosenheim Technical University of Applied Sciences – we wish them both lots of success on their journey. And Paul is going to work for his father in the family workshop, and we also wish you the very best in your new profession.

August 2018