In Swiss pine and deerskin: In-House Gallery Frauenschuh in Kitzbühel.

What do Kaspar Frauenschuh and Sepp Eham have in common? They both love spending time in the mountains. This means that in winter especially, they share their love of snow-capped peaks. And when it comes to design, they both have an instinct for extraordinary natural materials that are processed with the same painstaking care and a profound awareness of the environment. What’s more, the two men have maintained a friendship over many years along the Kitzbühel-Tegernsee axis. This is why we are particularly pleased that Eham has the opportunity to collaborate with such a great family business as Frauenschuh in remodelling their new offices/showrooms.

Leather, Swiss pine, steel. Rough on one side. A cool screed meets a table top covered in deerskin and pleasing to the touch. The walls are clad with panels of Swiss pine. Opposite the window facade, these panels conceal a wall-length row of cabinets. In the entrance area, the panels are framed with black steel and also serve as a presentation area for the mood boards of the new collections, an impressive in-house gallery for the latest Frauenschuh creations.

Eham wishes the Frauenschuh team lots of success in these newly designed premises.

July 2018

Photography: Sofie Latour