Work samples of the trainees.

Our joinery apprentices and their advisors were also diligent on Saturday.

Leah Stefan, Fabian Bauer, Matthias Miersch are in their second year of apprenticeship and received a basic course in CAD drawing from master joiner and team leader Campus Tobias Huber. Their task was to create a digital work drawing of a makeup case with mirror according to industrial standard DIN 919 -1 from a given drawing, which had to contain all hatchings, measurements, connectors, labels as well as the hidden edges.

Annalena Bernöcker, Maximilian Hitzek, Peter Wölfel and Gregor Offierski are already in their third year of apprenticeship and each had to complete a folding table independently under examination conditions in just seven hours, including the selection of materials.

The tasks were further hampered by the distance regulations currently in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are pleased with the commitment of our apprentices and advisors and the quality of the work results!

April 2020

Lehrlinge und Ausbilder