Country kitchen in the Salzkammergut

A historic multi-generation country house – located on one of the most beautiful lakeside spots in Austria. Eham brings a breath of fresh air to the old property and combines classic virtues with simple design in this newly designed kitchen.

The stove front and extractor hood made of forged steel are used intensively. They are the heart of the kitchen – and guarantee that the lovingly prepared roast tastes just as it did back then.

The unadulterated and robust impression is complemented by discreet, hand-forged handle bars. Narrow and elegant, they contrast the solid stove front with a filigree component.

The surrounding fronts of the cupboards and drawers with their classic cassettes are kept in the pastel green of old country houses – the paint application shows the structure of the brush strokes instead of hiding them. This focus on details drives the ambience of the kitchen – down-to-earth and honest, cozy and functional at the same time.

2020, modification, Salzkammergut

Photography Sofie Latour