Brass details in a modern kitchen

A tasteful old residence in Nymphenburg. Flooded with light, discreet stucco on the walls, Art Nouveau style door frames – ideal conditions for an inviting eat-in kitchen.

Inspired by the rooms themselves, Eham and the client decided on a restrained, yet modern design language. A kitchen that does not dominate the living space, but integrates gracefully and harmoniously into it. The high-quality shiny brass elegantly emphasises the restrained design, and is also taken up in numerous other details. Here excellent materiality meets cozy warmth.

Eham’s holistic design approach does not end with the kitchen. The focus is on the sense of space, the atmosphere. Old oak creates the basis: treated carefully to reinvigorate its original qualities, the classic herringbone parquet unfolds its full character. The ground is the basis.

2019, remodelling, Munich

Photography: Sofie Latour