A creative conflagration of a wooden installation – how well it burned!

Last weekend, the Tegernsee Valley witnessed a burning passion for design – quite literally. It began in the early morning at the Gmund paper factory and ended with a grand finale at the Kaltenbrunn estate. Interesting example models for regional development were discussed. Examples included Bregenz Forest and its successful ‘work room’, and South Tyrol and its call to ‘Kill Heidi’ in order not just to be perceived as ‘Che Bello’. Where does our Bavarian Oberland stand in this regard? The SMG initiative titled ‘Servus Zukunft’ (hello to the future) inspired discussion as to how things might develop here, and ways in which the powerful creative industries based in our district could work together to achieve more. The willingness and passion to do so were certainly palpable. The idea of a creative centre and a design award – which the attendees found very inspiring – were enthusiastically discussed in this context. To conclude the event, Eham provided a warm glow for all the attending creatives and everyone interested in a special natural spectacle at the Kaltenbrunn estate. The wooden installation was initially illuminated from inside with lighting installations while electronic beats rang out from within. Once the anticipation had grown to fever pitch, Eham then really ignited proceedings. The MCBW meteorite glowed as a giant fire; the crackling of the wood was celebrated with applause and the occasional cheer by the guests.

Eham thanks everyone who helped us to drive away the winter here in truly special style!

March 2018

Meteorite photography: Sofie Latour