Practice makes perfect. A warm welcome to our five new apprentices.

Planing, bending, bonding? From the very first day – by convention, September marks the new teaching year – it’s all about practising teamwork and tackling the first tasks together. A piece of paper, a pencil in hand, and it’s off we go. Do we start with the edges, or should we use the plane first? There’s a lot of talk before the time comes for Klaus to take his crew into the workshop, where all the theoretical questions are answered through practice. Time to use the circular saw and the bandsaw. For an entire week, our master craftsman Klaus takes the time to give the five new apprentices an introduction to the entire machine park. To make this a fun experience, each of them builds a hand-dovetailed floating shelf out of oak and laminated birchwood as a practice piece to take home with them.

We are pleased to have five new apprentices, who are now a dedicated part of the Eham team, and extend a warm welcome to Annalena, Gregor, Maximilian, Peter and Sabrina.

September 2018