New apprentices.

‘Great, you can all read. That’s that prerequisite out of the way’, jokes Stefan Droste once he has brought Dominik, Luc-Anton, Lukas, Tim and Valentin together for the first time in the break room for the introductory meeting. As is traditional, the new teaching year begins in September and, together with our two new employees, we also look forward to welcoming our four apprentices – Dominik, Luc-Anton, Lukas and Tim. After a brief organisational introduction to the Eham ‘system’, it’s straight on into the workshop. The new quartet of trainees will be taken under Klaus Kell’s wing. Our master craftsman will instruct them on how to build their first wooden box.

We are pleased to have such enthusiastic new members of the team and extend a warm welcome to you all.

September 2017