Master students at Eham.

Students from the master school for joiners visited Eham. The journeymen, who will take their master’s examination in a year, were guided through the house in two groups. Klaus Kell and Florian Lechner showed them the entire joinery, the surface treatment, the varnishing room and the magazine with the paternoster, then explained the machines and processes involved in the production of high-quality furniture and kitchens. Following this, the guests were invited for a snack.

The “Schools for Wood and Design” (“Schulen für Holz und Gestaltung”) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen combine five educational institutions under one roof. They are the only institution in Germany where all training levels in joinery are offered, prospective wood sculptors can learn their handicraft-artistic profession, and interested and talented laymen can benefit from the range of courses in nativity scene construction up to master craftsman level. For over 140 years, the school has focused on the design of wood as a material and its aesthetic experience. The school is supported by the District of Upper Bavaria. And by the way: our managing director Josef Eham is also a graduate of this master school for joiners.