‘Blickwinkel’ pop-up installation.

In cooperation with the designer Felix Pöttinger, the company Eham presents the ‘Blickwinkel’ (perspectives) pavilion at one of the most beautiful spots in Bavaria. This creative collaboration between design and craftsmanship is taking place as part of the MCBW 2019. From 15.03.2019 to 29.03.2019, the ‘Blickwinkel’ installation near the Kaltenbrunn estate will create a space for connection and dialogue.

Eham and the designer Felix Pöttinger draw attention to a topic that affects us all: the current state of our native woodlands.

The overwhelming support received by the ‘Artenvielfalt’ (biodiversity) citizen’s initiative, whose success is only very recent, shows what importance the population attaches to the topic of protecting insects and nature. In the recent past, heat waves, droughts, forest fires, storms and insects have caused damage to the forests of Bavaria, some of it severe, and – thanks to climate change – are set to become ever more frequent occurrences. The forestry industry is currently suffering under the consequences of the storms – lots of damaged timber means a big loss of revenue. This development doesn’t only have implications for the immediately affected forest owners, sawmills, joiners and cabinetmakers, but also for consumers and for the habitats of people and animals.

The ‘Blickwinkel’ pavilion offers a forum for constructive dialogue. It provides an insight into the current situation concerning wood as a resource, and references motifs from the local wood-processing industries and presents them in new ways. This creates a space that brings people together, stimulates discussion and thus facilitates different perspectives – ‘Blickwinkel’ – on current topics affecting the region. The pavilion can be visited throughout the day and following the MCBW, 15.03.2019–30.03.2019. We invite visitors to enjoy this place and engage with the theme of the ‘forest’.

‘Blickwinkel’ happening: a unique event with a keynote speech, visual arts, music and campfire will take place from 5 pm on Saturday, 13 March 2019.

February 2019

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