The way to your individual floor.

The raw material.

We love the feel of wood beneath our feet. At Eham, you will find native fir as well as Douglas fir, oak and reclaimed wood with its endearing traces of wear and a patina matured over decades. Yet one thing unites them all: they all come from sustainably managed forests, preferably from German producers and partners with whom we have been working closely for many years.

The finish.

We offer floorboards and parquet made of solid wood or laminate. The choice of finish and adhesive used is based on individual requirements, especially with regard to underfloor heating and special ambient conditions.



Each wood has its own characteristics and opens up individual possibilities – from calm and elegant, through to vibrant and rugged.


Not all wood is the same. We categorise each type of wood into grades. Fine means without any major irregularities. Depending on the lighting, the texture of the grain stands out subtly yet also in detail.



Every tree trunk develops its own unique appearance in accordance with the location and climate. Medium grade means an interplay of calm and lively sections, with small knots and tears creating a powerful whole.



Letting the floor take centre stage. Larger knots and irregularities create a unique character. We find this grade to be authentic and powerful, and recommend it to wood aficionados in search of pristine natural beauty.


Fitting patterns and formats.

The width of the wood and the type of fitting: a decision that fundamentally affects the look and feel of the room. Vertical, horizontal or diagonal? It all depends on whether a room should appear narrow or wider. Should the interior take precedence, or is the parquet the leading star? We work with you – and your architect, if desired – to find this out.


The colours

Of course, the type of wood used determines its effect within the room. But not exclusively so. This is why Eham also offers very individual shades of colour. Light, dark, and every nuance in-between. But above all: individually developed for you, if you so choose. And matching doors, skirting boards, stairs and all other elements for the room.


The surfaces

Time. A key concept for us. It is essential for achieving results that meet the highest quality standards. The same applies when it comes to the surface treatment of flooring. No matter whether a floor is naturally oiled, waxed or given a soaped surface finish, every treatment has one thing in common: it preserves the characteristic natural beauty of the wood and is porous and breathable.